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Vanilla Beans
  Vanilla in India

Hundreds of years ago in the tropical forests of the Aztec kingdom, an ancient group of people discovered the fruit of a delicate orchidand a flavor they called vanilla. The Totonaco people of the Vera Cruz region in Mexico were the first to cultivate the divine vanilla crop. They believed the sweet vanilla nectar to be a gift from the gods with a mythology of a pair of fallen lovers whose sacred blood marked the spot where a vigorous vine and a beautiful flower grew to fill the air with the aroma of true love and beauty.

Vanilla Plant and Beans

In India, Tharakan and Company has been producing premium bourbon vanilla beans since long and has earned the reputation as the producer of fine vanillas worldwide. We are sought for our pure vanilla flavor and varied functionality. Vanilla contains the widely loved vanillin, whose taste and smell conjure up romantic feelings in the appropriate circumstances.

India  is  cultivating nearly 24,000  hectors of  Vanilla, and  major yield is expected in the year 2006-07.

Vanilla is cultivated in the southern states of India, namely Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

In India, Vanilla essence industry is based on synthetic essence. However natural vanilla essence is quality wise much superior and preferred the world over by the consumer. Pods (beans) are subjected to curing process to produce the characteristic aroma. The substance chiefly responsible for the unique fragrance and flavour of the vanilla bean is vanillin (C8 H8 03). Pure vanilla extract is prepared by steeping cured vanilla beans in alcohol. The unmistakable scent of Vanilla with its exotic flavour is acknowledged world over for its culinary use. Vanilla essence is derived from Vanilla pods of the Vanilla plant. Vanilla Planifolia of the Orchidaceae family is the most popularly used species.

Vanilla Flower

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