Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Beans

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Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Beans

India is fast emerging as a major vanilla grower. Vanilla cultivation is widely adopted in the southern states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Bourbon quality vanilla beans with sweet, aromatic and pleasant flavor are grown here. Indian vanilla beans are cured for a processing period of 5 to 6 months. They are considered to be at par with the Madagascar beans. Vanilla beans cultivated in some parts of India are of the world's best variety.

We supply vanilla beans in wholesale rates, dealer rates as well as consumer rates. For booking under dealer rates, we need an order for atleast 25 kg. Courier charges form a considerable part of the cost for supplying smaller consumer packs. .
Dried Vanilla Beans

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Vanilla Powder  
Our pure natural vanilla powder, is made of carefully chosen seasoned bourbon vanilla beans, without adding any kind of dextrose to it. It possess rich aroma and gives very dark brown colour. You can substitue alcohol based vanilla extract with natural vanilla powder for any recipe which requires baking, blending, toasting or sprinkling.

Pure Vanilla powder , with its wonderful aromatic flavor, is most widely used for flavoring pastries, confections, and other desserts and also for industrial uses like chocolate manufacturing and ice creams. It is available in 60 mesh and 80 mesh powder form. Our pure Bourbon vanilla powder is as fine as confectioner's sugar. Pure vanilla powder without preservatives or artificial ingredients is simply an alcohol-free product. It is 100% natural with out mixing with dextrose. It is soluble in any hot liquid Its flavor doesn't evaporate as readily as vanilla extract which makes it more useful in baking. To substitute for liquid vanilla extract, use an equal amount of vanilla powder. It is also popularly used to flavor coffee, tea or as a sprinkle on French toast.
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Vanilla Paste

Vanilla Paste is made out of  high quality  bourbon like  Vanilla beans  . The beans  are  ground  into paste form  and  sugar syrup is added to it. It is  the most convenient form  to use  for bakers and , homes  and for  products like    ice creams  and pastries.

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Vanilla Extract
We  are  manufacturing vanilla extract  through cold  extraction Process.  We  supply  One fold , two fold, three fold  and four fold  Vanilla extarcts in bulk  quantity. The Cold extraction  process keeps the original flavour of vanilla.
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Cocoa Beans Extract (Natural)

We manufacture Natural Cocoa Beans Extract . This contain the taste as well as aroma of Cocoa and Chocolates. It can be used for making Ice creams , cakes, or any type of sweets. It contain the micronutrients present in the Cocoa Beans .It is in liquid form soluble in water


Chocolate Extract (Natural)

We manufacture Natural CHOCOLATE Extract . This contain the taste as well as aroma of Cocoa and Chocolates. It can be used for making Ice creams , cakes, or any type of sweets. It is in liquid form soluble in water


Cinnamon Extract (Natural)

We manufacture Natural Cinnamon Extract. This liquid contains the flavor of Cinnamon. A small quantity of Cinnamon Extract for any of the food products gives the Natural flavor of Cinnamon. This can be used by the Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and Breweries . It is in liquid form soluble in water


Coffee Extract (Natural)

We manufacture Natural Coffee Extract. It give the flavor of coffee to any food products This can be used by confectioneries , ice cream manufacturers, Cake and Biscuit manufacturers. It is used by dairy , frozen desert, beverages, bakery, confectionery and other natural product industry. It is in liquid form soluble in water


Clove Extract (Natural)

We manufacture Natural Clove Extract . This product gives exotic flavor of clove in A mild form to any food products, pharmaceutical Industry . It is in liquid form soluble in water


Nutmeg Extract (Natural)

We manufacture Natural Nutmeg Extract . The flavor of Nutmeg in ice creams is a new trend in Europe. This can be used for any food products and pharmaceutical products. It give the enchanting flavor of Nutmeg and mace. It is in liquid form soluble in water


Ginger Extract (Natural)

We We manufacture Natural Ginger Extract. It gives the flavor of Ginger to any products of Food manufacturers and Pharmaceutical manufacturers. Ginger Extract can be added to sweets , confectioneries, Beverages, It is in liquid form soluble in water


Turmeric Extract (Natural)

We We manufacture Natural Turmeric Extract. This gives the micronutrient Value of Turmeric and also give the flavor of Natural Turmeric. It can be added to any food stuff to gets it flavor and color.It is in liquid form soluble in water

Cardamom Extract  

We are manufacturing Natural Cardamom Extract. This can be added to any food stuff , Wine and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. We have Cardamom Extract dissolved in Alcohol and Propylene Glycol

Organic Vanilla Beans  

We deal with both, organic and ordinary vanilla. Organic vanilla is cultivated with organic manure like compost, and sprayed with, soap lather mixed with neem oil as pesticide.

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The vanilla bean seeds is the most expensive product from vanilla .It gives a deep and strong flavour and gives unique sweet taste and quality. A single vanilla beans which weigh 4 to 5 grams contain nearly 60000 tiny black vanilla seeds. These seeds contain exotic Vanillin flavour.

This can be used in ice creams, for baking and all other domestic and industrial purposes .
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Vanilla beans in transparent tubes
We are manufacturing vanilla beans in transparent tubes which contain 4 number of Gourmet Grade Vanilla beans with an approximate weight of 15 grams. This product is available in our trade name “Nature’s Nurture “ ™. If any body wants in their brand name, that also can be supplied.

Pure Natural vanilla Powder in transparent Jars
We are manufacturing Pure Natural Vanilla Powder in transparent Jars. This vanilla Powder contains more than 1.5 % vanillin contents. 15 grams are packed in one Jar. This is marketed under our brand name “ Nature’s Nurture” ™. If any body want in their name, the same can be supplied
Bulk Supply  

Vanilla is also supplied in bulk packets of 25 kg and above.

For commercial rates please contact us. Consignments can be send as shipment boxes through couriers. Charges for shipment boxes comes to $10 for a box of 25 kg.

Consumer Supply

Smaller quantities like 50grams/ 100 grams/200 grams/ 300 grams to 1 kg can be supplied as air parcel, through couriers, at consumer rates. Air parcel charges for I kg comes to $25.

The difference in rate is mainly due to the varying shipment charges for boxes and air parcels.

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Make your own vanilla extract

Vanilla Planifolia Plant

Procedure for extracting vanilla:

•  Take 2 Vanilla Beans or pods.

•  Split the beans in half and put into a clean jar.

•  Pour 1/2 cup of vodka or brandy over the beans, and then close with the lid.

•  Lightly invert the mixture every day for four to six weeks.

•  You can strain out your beans or keep them in there.

•  You can also add more vodka after you have used about half of your extract.

• Store away from direct sunlight.

According to law, pure vanilla extract should contain 35% alcohol.

Make your own vanilla flavored sugar  

Vanilla beans can also be put in a canister with sugar and will create vanilla flavored sugar in about one week. This sugar can be used for decorative work on cakes, pastries etc.

Cocoa Beans  

The cocoa beans, of Indian origin are of high quality and flavor and are at par with that of any West African counter part like those from Ghana. India grows nearly 20,000 tons of cocoa beans, out of which 15,000 tons are required for internal consumption .We have nearly 5000 tons for exports and main varieties include the Forastero variety of cocoa beans.

Cocoa Beans

Our cocoa beans are well fermented, graded, cleaned and comply with the Grade I Standard of ICCO, SMC 1 A of Malaysian cocoa Board and also with US FDA standards. These Cocoa beans are supplied in container loads of 12.5 MT / 25 MT /50 MT /100 MT etc.

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Cocoa Nibs (Roaated)  
We are supplying cocoa nibs after roasting carefully selected cocoa beans . Cocoa nibs are suitable to make Espresso coffee  and to make Cooking Chocolates. After roasting cocoa beans, we remove the husk. We pack roasted cocoa nibs in vacuum packets of 1 kg each (2.2 lbs) to keep its flavour intact. Bulk supplies in 50 Kg bags are available. We also entertain orders for small quantity which can be supplied as LCL

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Organic Cocoa Beans  

We also supply Organic cocoa beans in limited quantities. A group of farmers, with smallholdings of land, do organic farming in their cocoa farms. They use only natural fertilizers like compost and do not use any insecticides on these cocoa plants. Organic cocoa beans are relatively smaller in size when compared with the ordinary ones.

Organic Cocoa Beans

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  Cocoa Butter  

We make both organic and natural cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is made out of Cocoa mass with the help of hydraulic butter press. Cocoa butter is the ivory-colored natural fat of the cocoa bean extracted during the manufacturing process of producing chocolate and cocoa powder.

It has a very subtle mellow flavor that gives chocolate its creamy smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture. The quality of the cocoa butter depends on the quality of the bean it came from and the process of separating it from the chocolate liquor. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature but it has a low melting point (just below body temperature) and it does change from a solid to a liquid quickly (i.e. sharp melting point).

The quality of chocolate depends on the amount of cocoa butter added during processing. The reason a piece of good chocolate melts immediately when eaten is because the melting point of cocoa butter is the same as our internal body temperature. Inferior brands of chocolate use vegetable shortenings instead of cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is the base of white chocolate along with milk solids, sugar, vanilla and lecithin.

Cocoa butter is expensive and is used both for cosmetics and baking (thinning chocolate, candy making, coating marzipan figures for shine and also prevents them from drying out too fast). Cocoa butter with Vitamin E is a good anti stretching skin cream especially during pregnancy time.

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Chocopaste is used as chocolate cream for biscuits, and also used as centre filling for pastries. It is also used by bakers, confectioners and ice cream manufacturers. Choco bar ice creams and Chocolate flavoured ice creams are made out of chocopaste. We are manufacturing two varieties of Chocopaste. One is Dark Chocopaste and other is Milk Chocopaste. Packing is 25 Kg carton with 25 numbers of one Kilogram packets inside each master carton.

Apart from this we are manufacturing another product known as Belgium Chocopaste, which is very thin and can be poured from one vessel to another. It is very rich in flavour. Packing is 25 Kg jars.

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  Cocoa Powder  

Cocoa powder is made when chocolate liquor is pressed to remove cocoa butter. The remaining cocoa cake is processed to make fine unsweetened cocoa powder. There are two types of cocoa powder: natural and alkalised. Alkalised Unsweetened Cocoa Powder is treated with an alkali to neutralize its acids. It is in a reddish/ dark brown color, with good cocoa flavor, and is easy to dissolve in liquids. This flavor makes it ideal in baked goods like pean cakes and pastries where its subtle flavor complements other ingredients.

We are manufacturing three types of Alkalised Cocoa Powder. One is Low fat Cocoa Powder with 10 to 12 % fat contents , other is Medium Fat Cocoa Powder with 12 to 14 % fat contents and another is High Fat Cocoa Powder with 14 to 16 % fat contents. Packing is in 25 Kg bags packed in Cartons.

Natural Unsweetened (Non Alkalised) Cocoa Powder tastes very bitter and gives a deep chocolate flavor to baked goods. Its intense flavor makes it well suited for use in brownies, cookies and some chocolate cakes. When natural cocoa (an acid) is used in recipes calling for baking soda (an alkali), it creates a leavening action that causes the batter to rise when placed in oven.
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Drinking Chocolate
We are manufacturing Drinking Chocolates. It is available in Bags of 25 Kg packed in Cartons.
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Cocoa mass (cocoa liquor):  
Cocoa kernels and nibs are ground into a paste after roasting of cocoa beans is called Cocoa mass or Cocoa liquor.

Our Expertise and technology allow the production of different types of cocoa mass. We are also producing cocoa liquors from carefully chosen cocoa beans. Our specialized cocoa mass is consistent in quality and is also as per the needs of individual customers.
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Clove goes mainly as an ingredient of a variety of food specialties, beverages and medicines in whole or as powder. Clove finds extensive application in Indian foods.

It is an active ingredient of garam masala and several kinds of curry powders. Clove is also highly recommended for making pickles, ketchups, and several kinds of sweets. It is very often used with pan for chewing after meals, and in toothpastes as a fragrant mouth-freshener.

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the main Clove producing states in India.


Parts Used
Oil, unopened flower bud


Anesthetic, germicidal, insect repellent

Common Uses
Commonly used for toothaches, and in mouthwash.

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